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    386 pages, softbound, 8.5 x 11, ISBN 1-4243-1053-9, Roadhouse 66 Publishing, $29.99, www.roadhouse66.com

    "Just about the time I think there are enough books about Route 66, along comes another one
    to change my mind. That was certainly the case when I laid eyes on I M A G E S of 66, the
    outstanding salute to the Mother Road with photographs and text by David Wickline. Anyone
    wise enough to spend a few minutes with this book will instantly be persuaded of its
    importance to the growing body of work about the historic highway that has served our
    nation since 1926".

    "Described as an interactive photographic journey, I M A G E S of 66 shows us not only the
    best the highway has to offer but it also reveals those secret places that all too often are
    overlooked. If you don't have this book in your library, then you are lacking one of the most
    complete portraits of Route 66 to come along in many years. This holiday season I'm giving the
    CARS DVD and copies of David's book I M A G E S of 66 to some mighty lucky folks".

    Michael Wallis, Author, Route 66: The Mother Road, www.michaelwallis.com
    and the voice of The Sheriff in Pixar's motion picture hit, CARS.

    "David Wickline has done a marvelous job in producing an awesome book of Route 66 images--about
    2000 of them! I know of no other book that†has gone as far beyond the familiar in†terms of capturing
    often overlooked roadside icons as this one. Add to the mix†a†dash of†historical text and captions that
    give context to each image,†and what you have is a comprehensive collection that no 66 roadie worth
    their salt should be without".

    Jim Ross, Author, "Oklahoma Route 66"
    Publisher, "The Route 66 Map Series", www.66maps.com

    "What's the right word to describe a book that presents over 2,000 images of The Mother Road from Chicago all the way to
    the Santa Monica Pier? How does "astounding" hit you? A little over-the-top? Not even close. Wait 'til you see this one.

    After Rich Cunningham and I published The Complete Guidebook to Route 66 and The Complete Atlas of Route 66 in 2003,
    we pondered whether or not someone would ever undertake the enormous effort required to produce a complete photo book
    of The Road, thus creating a Route 66 trilogy. A book that would meticulously trace The Mother Road with photographs the
    way we had with words and maps. Well, it has been done and the effort is a Roadie's dream come true.

    Page after page of color photographs depicting the places and the pavement of Route 66 excite the mind as each picture
    brings to life a memory of a Road Trip(s). Nomatter if you are a long haul Route 66 Roadie, or a wandering Roadie who con-
    centrates on one state or section of the Main Street of America, I M A G E S of 66 is going to be a delight. The road is
    shown in all of its glory, from the long abandoned dirt sections (the area around Bridgeport, OK), to the still highly traveled
    sections (the Oatman Hill in Arizona).

    Downtowns, cafes and motels fill the book as well - bringing a smile to the readers face with recollections of passing these
    very spots, or chowing down in that Mom and Pop cafe, or staying the night in that classic motel of the road. And for each
    place shown, there is, if possible, a phone number and website listed.

    There is the one error in the book that always seems to crop up - the reference to the TV series is shown as Route 66 when
    we all know it is route 66, and I mention it because I always do, in hopes that someday everyone will get it right. (Ed note:
    That'll happen right after pigs are seen flying over Kingman.

    I guarantee this book will become the definitive - no, allow me to correct myself, IT IS the definitive photo book of the Road.
    Every Roadie in the world will want, and should have, I M A G E S of 66 in their library".

    Bob Moore, Editor, Route 66 Magazine, www.route66magazine.com

    "Folks, I have to agree with Bob's review of the new book 'Images of 66' by David Wickline. The number
    and quality of photos he has assembled is going to make this book a MUST HAVE for all roadies. I am
    sure that Bob has reviewed more books then most of us know about so when he says he can't say
    enough about this book he is not kidding. This is going to be a huge seller".

    James M Conkle, CEO Route 66 Preservation Foundation. www.cart66pf.org

    "Images of 66" is a great reference for anybody interested in Route 66. David has managed to take photos of most of the cool stuff along 66. Some of his subjects are old friends of mine (sometimes seen in a new light) while others are places I had not bothered to photograph, and a few are those delightful discoveries that I have never noticed before! "Images of 66" performs a service by documenting many of the less noted Route 66 icons, and future roadies will be grateful. I enjoy grabbing "Images of 66" and plopping it open at random, then letting the pictures take me for as long as I wish... what a way to re-live precious Route 66 memories.

    Jerry McClannahan, noted Route 66 Artist and Author of The EZ 66 Guide for Travelers. www.national66.com

    "Iíve never met David Wickline that I can recall. Many other roadies havenít either. But Wicklineís stature among Route 66
    aficionados has skyrocketed in recent weeks. Thatís due to the recent publication of his softcover book, "I M A G E S of 66"
    which contains a staggering 386 pages and thousands of color photos of sights along the Mother Road.

    I M A G E S of 66 is the most comprehensive collection of Route 66 images ever published, period. Considering that there is
    no shortage of heavily illustrated Route 66 books out there, that says something. Here are two sample pages from Wicklineís
    site to give you an idea what Iím talking about. These two pages contain a total of 11 photographs. The whole book is like that...
    Itís packed.

    Wicklineís east-to-west photo tour of the Mother Road isnít just ďdrive-by shooting.Ē He traverses the main alignments of Route
    66, and he also explores lesser-known segments such as the Ozark Trail, the Ghost Bridge and the infamously muddy Jericho
    Gap, to name a few. Even a hard-core roadologist like Jim Ross praised Wicklineís work. And Wickline deserves a Route 66
    badge of honor for driving the treacherous, hair-raising La Bajada Hill and its two dozen or so switchbacks. I consider myself a
    devoted roadie, but I never would be that brave.

    Wicklineís text with the photos is necessarily spare, but no less valuable. If a Route 66 business is still operating, itís nearly
    certain heíll have its phone number. That alone makes the book valuable.

    A trip to Tulsa in 1999 ignited Wicklineís interest in the road. Since then, heís traveled end-to-end on the Mother Road six times.
    Heís already planning a second volume of "I M A G E S of 66." And next year, he plans to open a Roadhouse 66 Bar & Grill in
    his native Ohio, which will be festooned with his signs and memorabilia. The book says that one of the signs will be from the 66
    Courts in Groom, Texas, which he rescued when the dilapidated motel was razed.

    "I M A G E S of 66″ contains a few errors and blurry photos here and there (a production problem, perhaps?). But the book is
    obviously such a labor of love and so comprehensive that these relatively minor criticisms seem like nitpicking. And at $29.99,
    itís a bargain for a thick book thatís so loaded with color images.

    Donít look for "I M A G E S of 66″ on Amazon.com. You can order it directly from Wickline. Or you can buy it from this ever-
    growing list of Route 66 Merchants. In fact, Wickline is traveling the road through September, distributing the book to
    businesses that can benefit from its sales. Put "I M A G E S of 66″ on your ďmust-buyĒ list. Itís indispensable.

    Ron Warnick, Editor, Route 66 News, www.route66news.org

    Your book, I M A G E S of 66 is magnificent! I purchased it at the Mother Road Museum in Barstow on September 28th toward
    the conclusion of our club's 50th Anniversary Tour of Historic Route 66. You have exquisitely captured images, provided
    text and created a layout that provides a reminder of the memories we have and that will entice anyone who has not yet
    taken the tour it is truly a magnificent journey on an icon of American travel. I am going to recommend I M A G E S of 66
    to the 350+ members of our club who participated on the tour. I only wish I had known about it before we took our tour,
    but it was printed in August and we left from Chicago on September 17th and ended in Santa Monica on September 29th.

    Again, I thank you for your excellent photographs, eloquent text and magnificent layout to remind us all of the importance
    of preserving the icons of our history - whether these are roadways, structures or the cars we have driven.

    Richard Simonds, Ph.D., Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc., www.mbca.org

    I M A G E S of 66 is the consummate visual book about Route 66. Author David Wickline has put an incredible amount of
    time into his photos and research. This is a book you will want to take along on your trip. It is so comprehensive, it is much
    like having a film documentary traveling with you. Images of 66 features over 2,000 full color photos spanning 386 pages.
    11" x 8 1/2" format with a special Lay-Flat binding for easy use while traveling.

    David Knudson, Executive Director, National Historic Route 66 Federation, www.national66.org

    Let me get in the line of folks praising David Wickline's "Images of 66". My copy arrived yesterday and it's a real page turner.
    About 90% (unsupported SWAG) of the book's surface area is covered with photographs but it's not an artsy coffee table book.
    It has plenty of descriptive text, quite a few directions, and a fair amount on contact information but it's not a guide book.
    Wickline calls it "An Interactive Photographic Journey". Good enough for me.

    Each page contains a half dozen or so photographs with descriptions. Some of the photos could be works of art in a large
    format coffee table setting but in "Images of 66" they're more works of documentation. The whole route is covered and that's
    a lot of motels, diners, and just plain cool spots. Most appear in just a picture or two but some get a little more attention.
    These include La Bajada with six pages and a page (plus a pic) on El Vado. The La Bajada pictures let me get a much
    better feel for a place currently (and maybe forever) outside of my experience.

    The Lay-Flat binding is a nice touch and indicates that the book is made to be used. Sure you can read it (The four page
    introduction doesn't just introduce the book, it's one of the better intros I've seen to the road itself.) and it is a great view-port
    for armchair touring, but it is intended to ride along with you to help find, identify, and appreciate all sorts of things along
    Historic Route 66. That means that a page might get folded or even torn now and then and there will probably be coffee or
    worse spilled on some of those great photos. I'm pretty sure David won't mind.

    I know you can get the book at Henry's Rabbit Ranch and probably several other places along the road or it can be ordered
    from the author's website: www.roadhouse66.com

    Denny Gibson, Seasoned Route 66 Roadie from Cincinnati Ohio. www.dennygibson.com

    I picked up my book on Saturday from the Big Texan in Amarillo. I could not put it down, so many shots similar to ones I have
    done in the past, but in a nice softbound book, worth every dollar paid, with so many more shots than I would have thought of
    getting of the current state of so many places along the Road. Also, I ran into a German man traveling the road alone this
    summer here, spoke very okay English, and met him in the Texas Shaped Pool at the Big Texan on Saturday Afternoon. He
    happened to have the EZ Guide and marking it up with highlighters all over the place. I was impressed with his knowledge of
    the road, but still having a bit of trouble finding some things. I went ahead and showed him the Images of 66 book, and he
    was so impressed, that he went in later that night and bought one.

    Dave 66 Willy Willman, Another seasoned 66 Roadie from Aurora, Colorado

    I just got back from two weeks of touring 66 from Chicago to Tulsa, and along the way I picked up three wonderful books I'd had on my wish list for a while, "Oklahoma Route 66", "The Missouri US 66 Tour Book" and "Route 66 Adventure Handbook" all of which are most excellent works in their own right and all of which I'm sure most of you are quite familiar with. While checking out The Mule Trading Post near St. James, Missouri I spotted a new book on the counter beside the cash register, one I'd not heard of before, "Images of 66" by David Wickline. As I flipped through the pages I was pleasantly surprised by the collection of images contained in this book and made a mental note to pick up a copy sometime soon.

    Over the next few days those images of 66 from David Wickline's work remained in my mind and merged with the memories of the sights I'd seen and places I'd been on the eastern half of the Mother Road to the point where I couldn't think of a better souvenir to take home with me than this book. When heading back to Canada I stopped off at the Mule Trading Post and picked up a copy. David Wickline has done an absolutely wonderful job of capturing the spirit of 66, not only of the sights along the way but of the road itself, that ribbon of pavement rolling and winding across the country. I'll be spending many happy hours leafing through the pages and I'm hoping that these images will help my family and friends understand why I've fallen in love with that ol' road.

    canadianhighwayman@yahoo.com, Another Route 66 Roadie from Canada