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    • Like no other Route 66 Book.

    • An interactive photographic journey along the length of the Mother Road.

    • Featuring 2,006 carefully selected digital images of hundreds of historic icons, landmarks and relics, which remain along the old highway.

    • Encompasses all eight Route 66 states under one cover.

    • It is an interactive Historic Route 66 learning experience based on over two and a half years of research and thousands of hours of Internet work.

    • This book is a must-have for the first time Route 66 traveler, while at the same time being an educational manual for the more experienced 66 roadie, and also a graphic documentation and record of what landmarks and artifacts remain along old 66 in 2006, preserved in vivid color for the benefit of our future generations.

    • Images are included of rare and hard to access places most 66 travelers will never experience, such as the La Bajada Escarpment, Diamond Creek Road, the Cuervo Cutoff, the 55th Street Detour, Canyon Padre Bridge and the Ghost Bridge site, as well as several very fragile historic alignments.

    • This is the perfect pictorial travel companion for the EZ 66 Map Guide by Jerry McClanahan.

    • Don't miss this first edition honoring the 80th Anniversary of Route 66.

    • The massive 386 page book of expertly captioned digital images is selling quickly....

    • So, be sure to check out the great Reviews the book is receiving....and order your copy of I M A G E S of 66 today!!

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    • Available as of May 13th,2008 :: IMAGES of 66 :: VOLUME 2 :: Digging Deeper :: Along the length of Historic Route 66 !!

    • Featuring 2,100 digital photos of the more obscure and historical attractions and icons that remain along our old fabled highway on 400 full color pages!!

    • Order your copy of this brand new Route 66 Book Today and get FREE Shipping and Handling !!