1) Ordering Information:

Quantity:_________  I M A G E S of 66 :: Volume 1 ~~~~~~~ Price: $34.99 each = Total: $__________

Quantity:_________  I M A G E S of 66 :: Volume 2 ~~~~~~~ Price: $34.99 each = Total: $__________

Quantity:_________  EZ 66 Guide for Travelers ~~~~~~ Price: $18.99 each = Total: $__________

*All IMAGES of 66 Books will be autographed by the Author !!

2)  Shipping and Handling is per Zone:

Zone 1: United States: Media Mail Shipping and Handling for any one book is $3.00*. $ _______

* If ordering any two books the shipping and handling is $5.50. $_______ All three books $7.00. $_______

Zone 2: Canada/Mexico: Shipping and Handling is $14.99 for one book, $24.99 for two books. $_________

Zone 3: European Countries: Shipping and Handling is $24.99 for one book, $41.99 for two books. $_________
(United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Romania, and Iceland)

Zone 4: Asian/Oceania Countries: Shipping and Handling is $30.99 for one book, $46.99 for two books. $_________
(Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Okinawa, Singapore, Korea, Cook Islands, Thailand, Mi
cronesia and Polynesia)

*If ordering three or more books, please contact us for a shipping quote. 

3) Ohio Sales Tax: If your order is being shipped to the state of Ohio, please add 6.75%. $________

4) Shipping Insurance: USPS Insurance (US only) is $2.65 for up to $50, $3.85 up to $100. $_________

5) Total of your order with Shipping and Handling, Ohio Sales Tax and optional Insurance. $_________

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8) US Mail Ordering Instructions: Complete this form and send it along with your payment to:

ROADHOUSE 66  ~~ P.O. Box 1995 ~~ Westerville, Ohio ~~ 43086-1995 ~~ FAX: (614) 890-3863
Money Orders, Paypal and Cash ship the next day :: Personal Checks, delay shipping by 10 days

8) Paypal Ordering Instructions: Pay immediately using Paypal by sending your payment to account: cedar100@aol.com

** International payments must be made by an International Money Order in US Dollars. It must have a nine-digit routing number and be drawn on a US Bank. We will accept cash, in US Dollars, if International Money Orders are not available in your country. We also accept Money Transfers from Western Union or Travelers Express. If you need any help with money transfers, or have any general questions about ordering, please contact us at: cedar100@aol.com for the proper shipping amount for your International order BEFORE sending any payment. Thank you very much for your Route 66 Merchandise purchase!!