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    Join your friends at ROADHOUSE 66 for
    the Motorcycling Adventure of a Lifetime . . .


    “Life begins at the off ramp ...”  This will quickly
    become the official motto of this spectacular journey.


    "Traveling Route 66 ... or any of Americas Blue Highways or back roads ...
    the historic trails and remaining traces ... allows riders to quickly escape
    to a pre-franchised era ... to a time before America became generic.

    The allure ... the attraction ... is intoxicating and difficult to avoid. Riding along
    Route 66 ... The Mother Road ... a ribbon of aging asphalt and crumbling concrete
    legendary for tying together the nation. Riding these old reliable ...
    and sometimes unpredictable highways means motion ... personal freedom ...
    cultural importance and a unique, yet indescribable excitement ...

    It is the mythology of the open road ... the thrill of the open highway ...
    the road to adventure." ....................................... Michael Wallis

    During the Summer of 2012, a group of riders from around the World will assemble.
    They will have one common goal ... to ride the almost 2,500 mile length
    of Route 66 ... The Mother Road ... and become seasoned Route 66 Road Warriors.



    Saturday, July 28th thru Wednesday, August 8th :: Chicago to Los Angeles


    Route 66 ... this legendary highway ... that for so long and for so many road warriors before us ... has always meant going
    somewhere. Ride the historic path of Route 66 ... as she reaches across the heartland of
    America, crossing three time zones and
    eight states ...
    Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Beginning in the "City of Big
    Chicago, Illinois and dead ending almost 2,500 miles later in Santa Monica, California, at the roaring Pacific ...
    This is the historic path our RIDING ROUTE 66 Tour will follow. The road trip of a lifetime … eleven full days riding along this
    historic highway with noted Route 66 Author and Historian David Wickline as your guide, along with a great group of fellow
    riders, and featuring much more two-lane miles of old 66 than any other similar tour … traveling through a true cross
    section of some of the finest, ever changing scenery, the nation has to offer ... in search of the remaining icons and landmarks ...
    the trading posts and the quirky roadside attractions, many once offering wild animals ... the cafes, the diners and the greasy
    spoons ... the old stations and the mom and pop motels ... all of whom once dispensed hospitality to weary travelers along the
    pulsing neon pathway we so fondly call the Main Street of America.


    Come along and travel with us as we ride the vintage two-lane highway that provided access to the American west. Go back in
    time and visit an era in American history when life was simple and things were quite different. Meet the people from across the
    heartland of
    America who were part of our history, our culture and learn about their lives and see how they manage to
    "eek out a living" along the shoulders of the old road in their little slice of this vast country.


    The old road is still out there ... about 80% of it … and she is beckoning for us to come and experience her.


    Route 66 allows road warriors the ultimate opportunity to step back in time. The highway ... a window to the past eras ... may
    only be separated from the interstate by a few hundred feet in some spots ... but to those cruising The Mother Road ... it might
    as well be a hundred miles ... and dozens of years away from the mindless rush of the rest of America along that super slab.


    Experience what some people would consider a lifetime of memories in only eleven short days.


    Join ROADHOUSE 66 for an extraordinary journey ... RIDING ROUTE 66 ... the adventure of a lifetime ... and an experience ...
    which will not easily be forgotten.


    Find out why they say: It’s not the destination … it’s the journey ...  

    ROADHOUSE 66 Bar & Grille



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